Google’s Fact Check goes global

Sat, 04/08/2017 - 21:10

Every day, we are virtually flooded by news published on the Internet. Yet frequently, it is hard to tell which pieces of them are true, and which are fake. The latter can be used as a means of manipulation e.g. in politics. In order to fight against such fake news, Google made its Fact Search feature available in its News and Search services all around the globe.

Since October, Google has been working on a feature enabling publishers to show whether a given article’s truthfulness was verified by fact-checking organizations. Up until now, it was available only in several select countries. The feature is to work in the following way: the search result will contain the claim, its author and the fact-checking entity’s judgment regarding the claim’s truthfulness. An example is visible below:

Fact check screenshot

The claims will be checked not by Google itself but by third-party websites, such as PolitiFact and Currently, the fact-check community consists of 115 organizations. The feature will not be available for all search results, and sometimes, the fact-checking organization’s judgment may be inconclusive, or there may be varying opinions made by different fact-checkers. Still, Google hopes that the feature will prove helpful to users in drawing their own conclusions.